Thursday, July 28, 2011

Airport Style

I've found that when I'm traveling(when I'm at the airport and flying on the plane) , I always want to wear the lazy sweatpants and Uggs or sneakers duo but I feel so messy and dingy wearing that. So I try to be more fashionable at the airport while keeping comfortable and warm.

What I do is I usually wear boyfriend jeans or my most comfortable pair of jeans, a simple, loose top, a plain jacket or blazer(for those cold flights), a colorful scarf, and usually my most bulkiest shoes (that way I don't have to stuff my hefty shoes into my suitcase when I could be using that space for..more clothes!) For example, I'll wear my boots most often to the airport since they're really cute and go with any outfit and that way I wont have a huge lump in my suitcase taking up all the space.

Celebrities  have great airport style and it usually looks quite comfortable.It usually looks like what I just described.

Thanks for reading, you guys! I'm leaving for New York in two days!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New website!

Hey everyone so this is gonna be a quick post. So as you can see I have a totally new layout and design to my layout.Its more subdued and not as
So just comment below letting me know if you like this one or my old one better and/or how I can improve this one! Thanks so much..


New York, Here I Come!

hey guys so I'm really excited because on Saturday I leave to go to.....New York/New Jersey! I'm actually staying at new jersey because I have a house there but I'll be spending a lot of time in New York. I haven't been there in a long time and I'm really looking forward to it! Especially because of all the shopping there! I pinky promise I'll take a bunch of pictures and upload them here! So if I don't really post anything next week, its probably because i cant really take my computer to New York...
I'm also really excited to go to New york because I can visit my family in New Jersey...
 I've found that packing for a trip to the city, or anywhere, or a long time (I'll be staying for two weeks), can be very stressful and difficult! So I've made a list of tips to remember when packing for a vacation:

  • Find a good suitcase! Get a sturdy one that can hold a lot of your items and don't overstuff; I know its hard to resist!
  • Be prepared, you dont want to be one of those people who packs frantically last minute, only to find out when you get to your vacation spot that you packed too little or not accordingly for the trip! For example, my friend is quite the procastinator and she told me of a time when she was going to Hawaii and had to pack very last minute. When she got to her hotel in Hawaii, she found out she hadn't packed a single swimsuit! 
  • Roll your clothing! This will miminize wrinkles and take up less room!
  • Make a list of all the activities and events you are going to do on the trip and pack according to that!
  • Bring more tops than bottoms! Shirts take up less space and repeating the same pair of jeans isn't really that noticeable.
And thats all! Hope this helped prevent future packing disasters! :) Please comment below letting me know your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions..

1st Post on this Blog!

Hello people of computers! Thanks you for stumbling upon my blog.. This is my first post and definitely not my last. This blog will be about all things fashion, beauty, style, and everything else! Everything will be perfectly affordable and easy to buy anywhere. So no overpriced clothes that are unreasonably priced just because it has a brand on it here, thank you very much!
Anyways, here I will be blogging about new trends, cute outfits I see or make, my shopping hauls, fashion tips, and much much more! So stay tuned and read read read away!