Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Back! And updates!

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have not blogged in a while I went on a few vacations and had a lot of hectic stuff going on these past few months and haven't really had the time to blog or anything! But don't worry, I'm back now and brighter than ever. Look out for even more blog posts, some How To's, and winter trends!

 First off, in October, I went to the oh so beautiful Hawaii! It was my second time and hopefully not my last! We went to the beach almost every day, since our hotel was right in front of the beach, went snorkeling in the sandy mesmerizing coral reefs, rain forest hiking, which was a blast and truly a great experience, and shopping of course! There were many little quirky markets and stands and we went to almost all of them since they were a pretty good walking distance from our hotel! We also had some exotic and authentic Hawaiian food such as poi, kalua,  lomi lomi, and my personal favorite, which was this famous bakery called Leonard's Bakery which had the most mouthwatering heavenly malasdas, which are kind of like donuts, except ten times better, and pao doce which is Portugese bread. I had a great time at Hawaii and guareenteed be going back soon for those malasdas! :)

 In late November, for Thanksgiving , we went to the most magical place on Earth, yes, Disney world in Florida! I went with my family and we had been looking forward and planning this trip for quite a long time. We got the parkhopper ticket which means we got to go to all four parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. It was so exciting and delightful and I felt like a little kid again, looking at the castle there, watching the parades, going on all the rides, and eating nothing but junk food! So if you do go I highly reccomend going to all four parks, despite the prices, beacuse it truly is worth it! I had some great memories at every single park and there is always something for every age! This was such a great bonding experience for our family and will create the best most unforgettable memories! You are never ever ever too old for Disney!

                                                                                                                              Elle <3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion styles and Trends

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to talk about fall. I think fall is one of my favorite seasons because you can wear sweaters and boots, which are my favorite clothing items! Also, fall fashion is usually quite comfortable and warm. So today I wanted to post about the key fall fashion items for this year!

The first item that is a must have for this fall is cable knit sweaters! I love cable knit sweaters and how there is so many styles and colors and also that you can wear it with basically anything! You can wear it as a jacket/ cardigan or just as a sweater!
                                                            Rachel Bilson at Airport

                                              Metallic grey cable knit from Forever21 ($29.80)

Next item is riding boots! These look great with skinny jeans and give a sleek chic look. Also known as equistrian boots, these boots usually go up to your knee and are made of leather.

 Black leather riding boots, Zappos, ($79.85)
Buckled riding boots (29.99) at

Also a key staple for this coming fall is the varsity jacket. You can wear this with basically any outfit to make it a little more fun and unexpected. 

Forever 21, French Terry Letterman, ($22.80)

Also from Forever 21 , ($22.80)

That's all I have for now! All these items items you can find on their website or store! have fun shopping and enjoy fall! Thanks so much for reading! :)



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caesars Palace forum Shop!

While I was at Las Vegas I went to Caesars Palace to shop since they have many varieties of stores and very cool architecture. Below are some of the stores that I went to while there and some stores that were very eye-catching and interesting,  
                                                         Really Cool H&M at Forum Shops

Fendi in the middle of Caesars palace


Thanks to everyone who reads my blog! :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Las Vegas Shopping!

Hi everyone! As I mentioned before in earlier blogs, I went to Las Vegas for the weekend, mainly to shop! :)
Anyways, I went to The Fashion Show mall in the heart of Las Vegas and I was absolutely giddy and skipping around! There were so many unique stores as well as some common stores. It has over 250 shops and 7 department stores. But the most memorable part of going there was shopping at the biggest Forever21 in the world! Yup! When I saw it and started walking around, I was so excited and ecstatic! There were two stories of     clothes after clothes and there was also a big room only dedicated to accessories!
Other stores I went to was a Betsey Johnson store! I got so excited when I saw it because I never saw a STORE of Betsey  Johnson items! It had the most adorable and unique items, such as a bright full pink dress, crazy jewelry and much more!
Here are some pictures of my Fashion Show experience down below and the link and address!!
                                                            fashion show from outside
                                                               Betsey Johnson store
and the biggest forever 21 in the world!!!

Macy's Shoes corner! I love shoes!!!

Very unique booth I saw...
they make bags out of recycle materials such as bubble gum wrappers, candy wrappers, you name it!

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Fashion Haul!

         Hey, Elle here! Today I am really excited to show ya'll my little fashion haul! It's not really that many items but I feel like these are going to be worn a lot and they were at a great price!

The first item I got was from the biggest Forever 21 in the world! (details about that in next post!). It's just a beautiful turquoise cable-knit sweater for $15.80 that is really "in" this fall and will look good with anything! I especially like to wear this sweater with shorts(or skinny jeans) and military boots for a super trendy-looking comfortable outfit!                                        

The next item I got was at a outlet store named Epilogue. It is a basic light pink cardigan that I think will look great with jeans, or my favorite, floral shorts! I would just wear it over a tank top,buttoned up ( as shown in the picture) or with a matching shirt. I think it looks great with the shorts since it has accents of pink and the whole look just looks so girly chic! This item was a great buy since I got it for $10.80!

I got this next item at Macy's on sale so it was a really great price! They are a pair of light pink sandals with a bit of a wedge and adorable silver charms! And for $7? How could I resist!

Thanks you so much for reading! Please comment below leaving me ideas for my next blog post or just ur thoughts on my blog/this haul!
        Elle <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The shoe that I am loving!

Hey everyone! So recently I have been shoe shopping a lot and I found my perfect pair of shoes: Military boots! These boots are really trendy this year and soon enough you will many people wearing them. i have been wanting military boots for a while now so when I saw this at Macy's for $55, I had to have it! I got a pair of brown ones since they are very versatile and basically can match anything. If you are wearing kind of a girly outfit but want to toughen it up a bit or give it an edge military boots are perfect for that!

There are a lot of different types and colors of military boots and here a few that are a good deal and caught my eye. 
Black ones from Express: (90.95)

Grey Ones from Amazon(27.50): 

Brown ones From Amazon:

Wrap Around Strap Boots from Amazon (39.99)

Thank you so much for reading my blog and please feel free to comment below telling me anything! And let me know if this is a style trend that you are loving! 


Thursday, August 18, 2011

my fashion collage!

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Anyways today I just wanted to show you guys a fashion collage that I really like. I was just bored one night and decided to put together a fashion collage that represented the latest trends and  described who I am. So enjoyy

Yup, there it is! I mostly used bright and neon colors, lots of make up looks, celebrities I am inspired by, and just some other eye catching things I found in my little collection of magazines. I had a lot of fun making it and it looks great on my bedroom wall!

Thanks for reading! xoxo Elle                    

Monday, August 1, 2011

My picks...

Here's some of the outfits I was thinking about wearing for the trip. Yes, I took the pictures as I was packing...hahaha...enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Airport Style

I've found that when I'm traveling(when I'm at the airport and flying on the plane) , I always want to wear the lazy sweatpants and Uggs or sneakers duo but I feel so messy and dingy wearing that. So I try to be more fashionable at the airport while keeping comfortable and warm.

What I do is I usually wear boyfriend jeans or my most comfortable pair of jeans, a simple, loose top, a plain jacket or blazer(for those cold flights), a colorful scarf, and usually my most bulkiest shoes (that way I don't have to stuff my hefty shoes into my suitcase when I could be using that space for..more clothes!) For example, I'll wear my boots most often to the airport since they're really cute and go with any outfit and that way I wont have a huge lump in my suitcase taking up all the space.

Celebrities  have great airport style and it usually looks quite comfortable.It usually looks like what I just described.

Thanks for reading, you guys! I'm leaving for New York in two days!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New website!

Hey everyone so this is gonna be a quick post. So as you can see I have a totally new layout and design to my layout.Its more subdued and not as
So just comment below letting me know if you like this one or my old one better and/or how I can improve this one! Thanks so much..


New York, Here I Come!

hey guys so I'm really excited because on Saturday I leave to go to.....New York/New Jersey! I'm actually staying at new jersey because I have a house there but I'll be spending a lot of time in New York. I haven't been there in a long time and I'm really looking forward to it! Especially because of all the shopping there! I pinky promise I'll take a bunch of pictures and upload them here! So if I don't really post anything next week, its probably because i cant really take my computer to New York...
I'm also really excited to go to New york because I can visit my family in New Jersey...
 I've found that packing for a trip to the city, or anywhere, or a long time (I'll be staying for two weeks), can be very stressful and difficult! So I've made a list of tips to remember when packing for a vacation:

  • Find a good suitcase! Get a sturdy one that can hold a lot of your items and don't overstuff; I know its hard to resist!
  • Be prepared, you dont want to be one of those people who packs frantically last minute, only to find out when you get to your vacation spot that you packed too little or not accordingly for the trip! For example, my friend is quite the procastinator and she told me of a time when she was going to Hawaii and had to pack very last minute. When she got to her hotel in Hawaii, she found out she hadn't packed a single swimsuit! 
  • Roll your clothing! This will miminize wrinkles and take up less room!
  • Make a list of all the activities and events you are going to do on the trip and pack according to that!
  • Bring more tops than bottoms! Shirts take up less space and repeating the same pair of jeans isn't really that noticeable.
And thats all! Hope this helped prevent future packing disasters! :) Please comment below letting me know your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions..

1st Post on this Blog!

Hello people of computers! Thanks you for stumbling upon my blog.. This is my first post and definitely not my last. This blog will be about all things fashion, beauty, style, and everything else! Everything will be perfectly affordable and easy to buy anywhere. So no overpriced clothes that are unreasonably priced just because it has a brand on it here, thank you very much!
Anyways, here I will be blogging about new trends, cute outfits I see or make, my shopping hauls, fashion tips, and much much more! So stay tuned and read read read away!