Thursday, July 28, 2011

Airport Style

I've found that when I'm traveling(when I'm at the airport and flying on the plane) , I always want to wear the lazy sweatpants and Uggs or sneakers duo but I feel so messy and dingy wearing that. So I try to be more fashionable at the airport while keeping comfortable and warm.

What I do is I usually wear boyfriend jeans or my most comfortable pair of jeans, a simple, loose top, a plain jacket or blazer(for those cold flights), a colorful scarf, and usually my most bulkiest shoes (that way I don't have to stuff my hefty shoes into my suitcase when I could be using that space for..more clothes!) For example, I'll wear my boots most often to the airport since they're really cute and go with any outfit and that way I wont have a huge lump in my suitcase taking up all the space.

Celebrities  have great airport style and it usually looks quite comfortable.It usually looks like what I just described.

Thanks for reading, you guys! I'm leaving for New York in two days!!!!

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  1. Elle,

    The boot trick is a great idea!! I'm flying out next month and will definitely keep this in mind. I too like to wear the sweatpants/sweat shirt combo, but always feel so ugly. Thanks for the tips! The colorful scarf not only keeps your warm on the cold flights, but looks extremely stylish!! Keep blogging!