Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Fashion Haul!

         Hey, Elle here! Today I am really excited to show ya'll my little fashion haul! It's not really that many items but I feel like these are going to be worn a lot and they were at a great price!

The first item I got was from the biggest Forever 21 in the world! (details about that in next post!). It's just a beautiful turquoise cable-knit sweater for $15.80 that is really "in" this fall and will look good with anything! I especially like to wear this sweater with shorts(or skinny jeans) and military boots for a super trendy-looking comfortable outfit!                                        

The next item I got was at a outlet store named Epilogue. It is a basic light pink cardigan that I think will look great with jeans, or my favorite, floral shorts! I would just wear it over a tank top,buttoned up ( as shown in the picture) or with a matching shirt. I think it looks great with the shorts since it has accents of pink and the whole look just looks so girly chic! This item was a great buy since I got it for $10.80!

I got this next item at Macy's on sale so it was a really great price! They are a pair of light pink sandals with a bit of a wedge and adorable silver charms! And for $7? How could I resist!

Thanks you so much for reading! Please comment below leaving me ideas for my next blog post or just ur thoughts on my blog/this haul!
        Elle <3


  1. Elle,

    I love the combat boot look, but I never know exactly how to wear them. Do I lace them all the way up? Could you please post a pic on how I can wear the boots with different outfits and look trendy and cool?


  2. Hey Anonymous,
    I love the combat look too and am its so trendy this fall! And yes you do lace them all the way up. Of course I will post pictures for you of military boots outfit ideas! Look for it soon! And thank you so much for reading my blog!