Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The shoe that I am loving!

Hey everyone! So recently I have been shoe shopping a lot and I found my perfect pair of shoes: Military boots! These boots are really trendy this year and soon enough you will many people wearing them. i have been wanting military boots for a while now so when I saw this at Macy's for $55, I had to have it! I got a pair of brown ones since they are very versatile and basically can match anything. If you are wearing kind of a girly outfit but want to toughen it up a bit or give it an edge military boots are perfect for that!

There are a lot of different types and colors of military boots and here a few that are a good deal and caught my eye. 
Black ones from Express: (90.95)

Grey Ones from Amazon(27.50): 

Brown ones From Amazon:

Wrap Around Strap Boots from Amazon (39.99)

Thank you so much for reading my blog and please feel free to comment below telling me anything! And let me know if this is a style trend that you are loving! 


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  1. i just love those boots thanks for sharing your thoughts and styles keep up the good work elle i love your style